Allen Ashley's third short story collection Once and Future Cities has just been published by Elbonvale Press and comes in at an astonishing 477 pages. Including 6 stories never before published. Check out his website at Having worked in most other forms of writing, Pumpkin Coach marks the first time he has been adapted for comics.

Asia Alfasi is a small ferret type creature who spends her time between university and mysterious goblin-infested caravan. Diet consists of pringles and caramel Freddo's. Some observers have claimed to notice signs of sanity but that remains unproven.

Aries is the pseudonym of a Spanish comic designer/ illustrator who has been working in comics, cartoons and illustration since 1974. First published in the magazine El Cronopia and editorial in Antares Mexico. In 1978, he was awarded first prize at the Gijon's comic contest. Seek him out at

Joseph W Armour is not a tracer!!! I am actually moving back onto the path of my dream after a ten year hiatus. After trying my hand at special makeup effects and horror film production, 2D and 3D animation and acting, it is now time to live my first dream and passion: comics. It doesn't mean I won't stop pursuing the world of horror production, I just want to live all my dreams... and it's far past time to start living this one again... even though I love the bloody things! I can be reached at, or through my website:

David Ayre is your basic nerd with a side-order of pretentiouness.

David Baillie leaps out of bed every morning, burning with the fire of youthful enthusiasm. He writes and draws comics. If you haven't heard of him, you've been listening in the wrong places.

Sara Beeves has written plays, poetry, song lyrics, short stories, and more, since she was 4. As an adult I published poetry. I have always loved reading of many types ranging from the classics of literature to mythology and comics. I enjoy a variety of genres in all my reading including comics and am versatile in my writing style. When I began writing comics I was fortunate enough to find the right artist whose compatibility with me changed words into a comic. A child's dreams are now unfolded.

Louis "Char Leigh" Bernal is the proverbial "jack of all trades, master of none." This writer/penciller/inker/letterer/graphic designer/model photographer has done it all. He's designed t-shirts and skateboard graphics for now defunct Seed Skateboard Company. He's photographed models and pro cheerleaders. The summer of 2004 saw the release of his self-published graphic novel Evae de Terminustrae. He's had work published under various publishers, such asWizard, Arcana Studios and Approbation Comics. The Fall/Winter of 2005 will also see the release of a new comic strip he's debuting in the new teenage fashion magazine Bleech. Catch him on

Debra Boyask started making comics with Funtime Comics because her friends did, and it became an increasing part of her social life as she grew-up and began to tire of hiding in corners at geek parties. Since then, she has published seven small press titles under the name of Teacakes Comics which are available from Debra makes comics for fun, not for profit. So far, she's been too slack to learn to draw properly, and feels obliged to apologies continually for this sad fact. After moving to Bristol, Debra has been involved in establishing aFuntime Comics collective in Bristol with a focus on comics, tea and sociability.

Kate Brown currently lives in Oxford, England, with a bunch of lovely people who all enjoy nerdy things, and her pet Giant African Land Snail: Hercules. Comics are very much one of the primary loves of her life. She enjoys writing them perhaps a bit more than drawing them...drawing can be the wrong kind of stressful. She also enjoys soup, cheese and Trent Reznor.
Kate at Comicspace
Kate at DeviantArt

Iain Burnside lives in Edinburgh and continually manages to breathe in and out, tell left from right, dress himself and various other amazing feats. In between doing all of these truly stunning acts he is a regular contributor to Comics Nexus and writes stories and poems whilst apparently studying history at Edinburgh University. This is part of a never-ending quest to save his own sanity, which is not at all helped by currently talking about himself in the third person. Oh, well.

Susan Champeny: is an advertising artist by day and a comic book artist by night. Her serious comic book career started 2 years ago when her mother almost died of lung cancer, and she was spurred into action by the realisation that her friends and relatives could all die before they got to see her comic book work. So far she has self-published a series of adult comics, called ZoneS6X, and is working on participating in as many anthologies as she can manage and still hold down a full-time job. Champeny hooked up with Sara Beeves on Mockaroni and Cheese for The Girly Comic, and it has been so much fun, they are already planning other stories together.

Richy K Chandler is the creative force behind Tempo Lush Comics, including Delicate Axiom, Lucy the Octopus and Govinda the Meditating Rabbit. After earning a diploma at Wimbledon School of Art, Richy graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with a degree in Ceramics. He's gone on to have work published in Britain, Germany and Japan, including cartoons, logo designs, comic strips, CD covers and illustrations. When he's not working on comics and artwork, he'll most likely be found writing recording and performing eclectic pop music as Last Precious Cookie. Richy has lived in the big coty of London all his life, except in 2000-2001, when he lived in the even bigger city of Tokyo. He currently lives in North London with his lovely wife and son, on the top floor of a little house. Some nights the entire top floor separates from the rest of the house and flies off into space. Not every night, though. Visit him at

Andrew Cheverton lives in the South of England with his wife and two kids (who appreciate being mentioned first, rather than last like in the previous bio). He is currently working on full length comics with Justine Shaw and Tim Keable to be published which are published via Angry Candy. The Sea Monkeys are still pre-resurrection

PeeT! Clack: Having an artistic bent from an early age, PeeT! has honed his talent for using various drawing implements to produce certain things...Until now, at last he is poised to unleash his plans for world domination through the amazing power of comics. His credits so far include strips for CAOF presents…, Violent! and Zarjaz. He currently resides in Wiltshire with his wife, 2 sons, cat, fish and a small piece of wood named Gerald.

Mike Collins: Big Bloke. Draws small pictures. Officially, the nicest man in comics. He's got a badge and everything...

Briony Coote loved drawingfrom early childhood, but when she struck her teens she seemed to lose her confidence and interest in drawing. Then, when announced it was bringing out the Misty Halloween Special, she was immediately inspired, initially as a writer, on strips such as Rhubarb. But the artistic bug returned, and she has turned her hand to pastel, pen-and-ink drawing, calligraphy and watercolour, and hopes to add Photoshop to her skillset.

John CrawfordAKA JC (how imaginative is that?) has seriously hamstrung his creative output by refusing to compromise on football and drinking. He has been doing heaps of single-panel cartoons for various magazines and greeting cards. After winning a comic-strip competition in 2004, JC has returned to his first love: having a few beers before drawing a comic strip.

Ian Culbardis a freelance artist who writes and draws comics, makes animated films and commercials, develops TV shows and doesn't sleep. He ilustrated The Portrait of Dorian Gray for SelfMadeHero and is currently matching wits with Sherlock Holmes.

Jonathon Dalton has lived in ten different cities in four different countries, the current combination being Vancouver and Canada. When not drawing comics for his website he can often be found teaching primary school students things like maths and English. He maintains a soft-spot for the linguistic variety of London's East End, but less so for its dodgy chicken and chip shops.

Carson Demmans is a Canadian based writer who is a long time fan of British comics. He has been published more than 100 times, ranging from single panel cartoons to multi panel strips in newspapers, comics and magazines.

Jeremy Dennis is a female cartoonist (yes, Jeremy is a strange name for a woman isn't it?) living in Oxford, right in the middle of England. Oxford is a town full of music and people, two things she likes very much. She also likes comics. She's been drawing since she could hold a pencil, a comics fan since she started to read, and producing mini-comics since she was shown how in 1989. She also runs workshops, collects curious old nooks and adapts them to her needs, takes photographs and makes extraordinary things.

Jonas Diegois Pinoy. By day he works as a Marketing Specialist for a content provider, and by night he blazes away at his drawing table as a comics creator. He's currently finishing two graphic novels and running a comic strip calledGraphic Detail at every Monday and Thursday. He is trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up, during his spare time. (,

Chris Doherty wishes it was possible to take Maggie Chascarillo and/or Enid Coleslaw out on a date. He's in his final year studying illustration with animation in Manchester and tries to entertain himself by shoehorning comic work into his degree. He's a regular in the acclaimed Accent UK anthologies and has put his own couple of mini-comics, Six and two threes, and, Lottie, with more planned and in numerous states of pre-production (i.e. scattered around messily in various sketchbooks). he can be contacted through his website And for the past few nights he's been watching old episodes of Eerie Indiana to send him off into a blissful sleep.

Jay Eales is a born again Civil Servant. His stories have appeared in the comics:Violent! and Zarjaz, and his prose inPerfect Timing 2, Missing Pieces andWalking In Eternity. He would be continuing to write for the award-winning comics magazine Borderline if only it were still being published. He looks forward to a time when he can mutter at all the Johnny-Come-Latelies making money out of online magazines in the future about how he and his colleagues were just too far ahead of their time. In recognition for his labours on The Girly Comic, he gets to be called Production Editor. Either that or King Staple.

Garen Ewing publishes comics from King Rat Press, most notably producing The Tempest in 1994 and currently The Rainbow Orchid, an adventure story set in the nineteen-twenties with dashes of Jules Verne, Rider Haggard and Conan Doyle thrown into the mix ( In the 1980s he produced Cosmorama Magazine as well as Realm of the Sorceress and the fanzine, Demon Issue. He also plays bass guitar in a band, teaches karate and acts in plays, but not all at the same time.

joceline fenton insists on spelling her name without capital letters. When she's not being avalanched by school work she draws comics and redesigns her website: Although constantly distracted, she is working on her comic Silverfish, in between daydreaming and scribbling.

Paul Ferry writes the letter O clockwise, which is apparently quite unusual for a right-handed person. He owns sixty four t-shirts, or so he’s been told. Paul is best known for his writing/ acting with the Doctor Who fan video group Timebase ( and sundry other projects. Paul puts the ‘civil’ into the Civil Service.

Aaron M. Fitzwater was born on October 23, 1978. Three years later he wrote his first book. Twenty-some years later he is still writing. He is currently working on three projects:Pinball: a semi-autobiographical graphic novel following his high-school relationship with a girl with cancer; Kanesville: a comic series about one day in a small town, and how the lives of twenty-four strangers ultimately effect one another; and writing a massive 150 page anthology for He has been known to blog about his pessimistic and mundane life on his webpage,, and can be reached at At present he lives in Columbus, Ohio with his partner Angela and their cat Niko. Though they all wish they lived someplace else. He hates writing about himself in the third person, almost as much as he hates sharing his birthday with Weird Al.

Toby Ford is a happily married, dog owning, truck driving, burrito eating, 2D/3D video artist in the week and an avid believer in retail therapy, equestrianism, and rocking the set at the weekend in his band "Hey Pablo!" for which he provides "noises" as he was sadly born without the singing gene, He is also officially the world's worst breakdancer and world's biggest fan of "My Two Dads". In between preaching the merits of defunct US sitcoms and spinning on your head, he finds some time to draw comics (slowly). Always interested in new projects, Toby can be reached at

Peter Frain has been obsessed with finding was to prolong the caffeine high which he embarked on during a Transformers marathon sometime in 1988. He is often heard to wail "Goddam it, Jim! I'm a writer not an artist!"

Karrie Fransman is not going to write her biog in the third person 'cause we all know we get to write these babies ourselves. I'm an overworked, underpaid creative advertiser living in London. I write, illustrate and publish all my own comics, which are largely 'creative autobiographies' i.e. they start in reality and then spiral into not-so-really. I'm pretty excited about the role of comics as a non-elitist form of communication and so I teach it at a homeless centre to people of all education levels, nationalities and ages. Oh... and I do enjoy a good chat so e-mail me at or find me, and my comics, at any of the conventions.

Simon Fraser produced the excellent cover art for The Girly Comic #1 and KissKiss BangBang #1. He co-created the popular 2000AD strip Nikolai Dante with Robbie Morrison. Early work includes Lux & Alby with author Martin Millar, with whom he produced Good Fairies of New York which can be found in The Girly Comic #2. More recently, he returned to chronicle further adventures of Dante, an adaptation of Richard Matheson's classic novel The Legend of Hill House and launching his own pet-projectLillie Mackenzie and the mines of Charybdis as a frees webcomic as part of theAct-I-Vate group. The cover to The Girly Comic #15 is derived from an early incarnation of Lillie Mackenzie. His website is: you can read Lillie Mackenzie and many other spiffy free comics at

Mayko Fry is a London-based artist of Japanese origin. She particularly loves to draw figures in stories and is currently making picture books for readers of all ages. Her background is fine art painting (BA), sequential illustrattion (MA), and French literature (BA). Her interests are cats, stars and aromatherapy.

Zack Gardner was born a poor lad in the sewers of York. He was raised by circus-folk and taught to draw by a magical cat with opposable thumbs. He's a nice guy, but he's been known to lie. To date, he's been in a couple anthologies, self-published a slew (yes, a slew) of his own work, and won the audacious Xeric Grant for his book, Fauna.Right now, he's working on getting married and hopefully another book.

Daniel Merlin Goodbrey is a comic creator and new media lecturer based out of St Albans, England. is where he catalogues his experiments in fiction and the comics form. If all that sounds a little dry, don't worry - he's sure something horribly violent and amusing will happen is you stick around long enough.

Arthur Goodman: Arthur has had strips featured in Pulp Kitchen, Square Eyed Stories and other small press publications. For more of his work see:

David Goodman is a regular contributor to Square Eyed Stories and the Liverpool Comics Workshop's annual Comic Express. He was a founder member and editor of Pulp Kitchen. His motto is "Bahala Na!", whatever that means… See: , &

Andy Grant, like most writers, lives in Surrey with some cats. His hobbies include chasing Ping-Pong balls, climbing up the curtains, and - oh, no wait, that's the cat's hobbies. I like monkeys. Everybody likes monkeys. Except, perhaps, for bananas.

Kelvin Green is a 22-year-old reformed philosopher, a Virgo, and an artist in need of direction and validation. He's proud to have his first published work in The Girly Comic, and hopes it'll be the first step in a glittering, or at least a slightly shiny, career. He currently lives in various places around Norwich with someone who's far too good for him.

Paul Grimes is a lifelong fan of sequential art who managed to find time to complete a degree in computer studies in between stockpiling comics and appeasing his computer collection. A member of the Liverpool comics workshop of a night and an I.T. Training Officer by day, in his spare time he raises sea monkeys and zooids.

Sarah Hadley is a razor-sharp wit disguised as a 19-year-old film student who likes pasta, cute girls, old movies, and classic rock'n'roll music that wakes you up properly. Her short stories have appeared in a half-dozen Doctor Who charity anthologies, including Tales of the Solar System, Missing Pieces and, with Nick Campbell, Walking in Eternity. She currently resides in the United States, which isn't her fault. Johanna Adeli is a razor-sharp intellect disguised as a 39-year-old fictional police officer who likes pasta, cute girls, and guns that wake other people up properly. She previously starred inMan of Smoke and Dust, as told to Sarah Hadley and Nick Campbell for the Walking in Eternity collection. She currently resides in the Vienna sewer system, which is entirely her own fault.

Melanie Hall would like to be known as a vegan, tattoed, metalhead, goth, hippie, London-based Goddess, English teacher and writer; but some of this is just wishful thinking.

Mags L Halliday was a punk. She didn't do ballet. What more can she say? Well, her new novel, Warring States, is due out in Nov 2004 and features time-travelling spiritualists and Chinese revolutionaries. More info at

Paul Harrison: By the time you read this Paul Harrison will be over 35. In this great length of time he has actually written and drawn some comics! First a couple of 'real life' type things and thenThe Big3 for his own Fun Comics. In between this massive work load he's managed to produce a couple ofBulldog strips, The Flatworm inViolent!, Punk Princess for Solar WInd, strips in AccentUK's Zombies, Robots and Western anthologies and Best New Manga volumes 1 and 3. Plus a few other things along the way. There's a few new projects on the way too, he'll probably mention them on his blog at Paul does some other things, like read and stuff. His skills as a biographer are unsurpassed.

Daniel Hartwell lives in fear of being asked to write his biography for comics his writing has appeared in. This has led to him changing his name to Carlos and pretending to be his own twin brother, among many other spiffing wheezes. One outlandish claim he makes is that he is the Chariman of the Caption small press comics convention, held annually in Oxford. But if you believe that...

Ryan Howe is the artist on Gun Street Girl http://www.graphicsmash.comseries.phpname=gsg&view= When he's not busy working on GSG, he can be found building websites, booklets or magazines in his other life as a graphic designer.

Laura Howell ruined her first schoolbook at the age of four by drawing all over the inside cover, and has never missed a doodling opportunity since. She recently decided to justify teh many hours she could have spent doing something more productive over the years by turning it into a full time career. When not drawing Laura can usually be found reading about mythology, being entertained by Japanese TV, or eating peanut butter chocolate bars. But she's usually drawing.

Steve Ince works as a producer for software games developer Revolution (, on projects such as Beneath A Steel Sky and theBroken Sword series, among other projects. SinceThe Girly Comic #1, his weekly online cartoon stripJuniper Crescent ( has really taken off, and spawned a spin-off The Sapphire Claw. The Girly Comic #2 features an exclusive new 'luxury-length' Juniper Crescent tale.

Tim Keable is the one true International Man of Mystery. Disappearing for large periods of time on "secret missions" for Queen & Country, he resurfaces clutching pages of beautiful art bearing the codename "Keable", with little recollection as to where he obtained them. Any memories he has of actually producing them himself are simply false implants, put there to lend credence to his cover identity. Allegedly.

Amanda Kear (AKA Dr Bob): was born, so her parents inform her, although her memories of that whole time are a bit vague. She is now old enough to be your mother. Many of the intervening years have been spent reading comics and trying to scrap together enough material for the latest issue of her Strontium Dog fanzine, Dogbreath.

Carol Keaton lives in Indiana, in the US, on the planet Earth. She is a cartoonist and painter, but in her spare time, she works full-time in a bookstore. She lives with two aging cats who hate each other and with her boyfriend, whose nickname is "Monkey Boy".

Keds is an 18 year-old A-Level student living in Cambridge. He's been drawing manga-influenced comics since he was about 12, and also has his work published/distributed via Keds is not ashamed of blatantly plugging himself. Amongst other things, he hates writing in third person. He hopes you enjoy his artwork in 'The Cull' and thinks it would be cool to work with Dr Bob on more shorts for Selina in the future.

Lee Kennedy is a longtime alternative cartoonist/writer, still struggling away in her council block garret having nervous breakdowns. Wealthy patron types can contact her at or hunting discount junk food in LIDL, Clapham Junction.
Check out for further insights.

Adrian "Ady" Kermode sadly died at the ridicously young age of 45 in May 2009. Ady published comics under the CHARAYDIS PRESS imprint, and was te creator of DR SORROW, DEADMAN & HYDE, and the writer of National Comics Award-winning PETRA ETCETERA. DOCTOR LOVEMONKEY AND THE MISERY MACHINE appeared in THE GIRLY COMIC #3/KISSKISS BANGBANG #2 flipbook, and DR SORROW AND THE HAND OF GLORY was in KISSKISS BANGBANG #2.

Cameron Kerr,artichokes and button soup are often found on aisle three: one of which likes doodling, the others are often found in a bowl of Tuppenny Rice. Basket weaving supplies, stair lifts and horse chestnuts are currently out of stock.

Barb Lien-Cooper writes the critically acclaimed comic Gun Street Girl viewable at the Graphic Smash website, and cowrites a column on comics, the industry, and pop culture at In the past, she's also been a founder of the websiteSequential Tart, and the managing editor of the 2004 Eisner Award-winning print magazine Comic Book Artist. She and her husband own the creative studio Wicker Man Studios

Jenny Linn-Colehails from the dungeon state of Gladstone Bagpuize this week, and is actively seeking a route of escape. Routes contemplated are fevered ramblings of the mind, warp speed imaginings and hurtling around the country delivering important bits of computer and reverse thread, elliptical transverse cogs and drugs. If you like The Killer Frock of Doom, look out forGurkin Trifle Gets Steamy.

Selina Lock is the editor of The Girly Comic, which I'm sure you are all aware of by now. Still addicted to the ever-increasing number of CSI shows, new favourites from across the pond are Bones, Lost and the short-lived but much missed Wonderfalls. In real life, she is the Science Librarian at the University of Leicester, and has taken up Tribal Bellydancing.

Marvin (mpMann) Mann lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, two children, one dog and a mortgage. Currently plotting his return to comics after a decade's absence, mpMann's credits include The Trouble With Girls, Ape City, Flesh Gordon,Lizard Lady, Child's Play II, Real Girls and TAP. Now add The Girly Comic and the forthcoming Smut Peddler erotic anthology (with the good folks at to the list. Be sure to look for more fun and excitement from mpMann in the near future.

Brian McCusker (aka Ricardo Cabeza) is pretty much a regular ordinary guy who likes to create and write and make up stories. It started early for Brian, for even as a baby he was sent away by his parents to this distant planet called Earth. Though he had alien mutant DNA, he still grew up an average kid ina plain little farm town in California. There he was exposed to gamma rays, subjected to secret government serums and oh, yeah... bitten by this radioactive spider. But other than that, he has lived a rather uneventful existence. Brian now lives near San Francisco with his family as he writes stories and continues to wait for his superpowers to one day, manifest.

Jane McGuinness is an illustration student studying in Kent, although he migratory habits seem to grow every more complex. She loves animals and birds, and places that she can pretend are her own hidden worlds. Her hobbies include baking, playing the piano and doodling things on the backs of envelopes that seem to induce funny looks from others.

Martin Millar is an author, playwright, Arsenal supporter and quite possibly the number one fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Author ofLux the Poet, Ruby and the Stone Age Diet,Dreams of Sex and Stage Diving, the Tank Girl film novelization, the Thraxas series, Love and Peace with Melody Paradise, Milk, Sulphate and Alby Starvation, Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me, theLux & Alby comic (with Simon Fraser) and The Good Fairies of New York, from which the Girly Comic strip derives.

Mitzi Once a great and mighty hero, Mitz was fatally poisoned by low-level cellphone radiation and now walks the earth as gamma-fuelled undead, seething with hate for all life (except rats). Many have fallen victim to his +2 mace. His only fear is a ghostly cat which haunted his childhood that follows him to this day. He also likes girls' panties.

Rich Molinelli is the name. I was born in Long Island, New York. Since I can remember back, I have always wanted to be in comics. I remember reading my first Batman comic back when I had chicken pox. I have a bachelor's degree in Visual Communications. I am a penciller and a colorist. I can color almost anything I put my mind to. I love this business and I will do anything to to make it in this business, well, not anything! ; ) My style I would say borders on cartoony/anime and my coloring is a Warner Bros/anime style. Pencilling comics and covers are my dream, so if you need something done, all you have to do is ask. I have been printed in books like SHIFT # 1, Myriad #3 and now The Girly Comic. I also had a few pin-ups printed in Invincible andLions, Tigers and Bears from Image Comics. My eventual goal is to have my own creator-owned series published and eventually have a nice run on Batman and Superman for the love of my life, my girlfriend Samantha. So long from Mrs Molinelli's baby boy and Have A Nice Day!

Motodraconis, a self-confessed art-hermit with a penchant for anonymity.
Moto spends her weekdays at work dreaming about her comic, and her weekends
working on her comic and dreaming about paid work. She wears silver clothes
far more than is sensible, and wonders why MoonBase Alpha is 5 years late
and we're not all dressed in plastic and metal and living in SpacePods.
See her latest work, SpaceGirl, at

Bevis Musson isn't ever sure of where he is, where he's been or where he's going. One thing he does know, however, is that if anyone is to playWonder Woman on film it should be him. He does the art for Oddcases ( and writes and draws the Queen Of Diamonds ( and generally thinks that spending time drawing is a far better waste of time than actually working. And by the way, it's 'BEV-is', not 'Beavis'. He gets quite upset if you get it wrong.

Richard Nelson decided at twenty he wanted to be a comic book writer. At thirty, he woke up after a ten-year drinking binge and realized he hadn't fulfilled that goal and got busy writing. Three years later in 2005, he finds himself knee-deep in writing projects including a six-issue pirate serial, The Adventures of The Molly Be Damned for Myriad (Approbation Comics); a comedic short, You Break It, You Buy It, and a three part feature Asar for The Warmageddon Magazine (Digital Webbing); and of course A Fairy Tale Ending for The Girly Comic. He also letters comics, which serves as a wonderful excuse when he's late with script deadlines. Richard has sworn off Jagermeister, but still enjoys an occasional Glenlivit. He lives in Seattle, Washington USA and is awaiting the dayThe Girly Comic can be found on retailer shelves 'over there'. Richard can be contacted at

Douglas Noblewas born in the heart of a collapsing star, and his long quest to become fictional reached its triumphant conclusion in this very biography. His comic Strip for Me and it's companion website have helped lay the foundations for an intergalactic peace which will last for a thousand years. Ironically, it will be one of Noble's own descendants who will undo this peace, thrusting the universe once more into the darkness of chaos and confusion. In the meantime though, you really should check out that website.

Daniel O'Mahony

Nicolas Papaconstantinou suffers from various delusions, of grandeur and such. He has various writing projects underway at different stages of completion (mostly in the "deep thought" phase), and completed the Nanowrimo 2006 challenge with words to spare, but still needs to finish the novel. He has a website (, and a Dalmatian, and very curly hair indeed.

Caroline Parkinson was born in 1981 and graduated from Loughborough University with a BA in Illustration. She has animated, written and directed a short film "The Cloud Factory", which has been shown at Brief Encounters Film Festival, Nottingham, and the Burning Man Festival, Arizona. She has also self-published several short comics, the latest of which, Journey, can be bought in Gosh! opposite the British Museum. She would be delighted to show you her portfolio.

James Peaty has failed to shake off significant childhood obsessions relating to football, Batman, Twin Peaks and girls. Any one of these on their own could be considered as reasonable grounds for divorce, but so far his wife has seen fit to overlook his foibles and concentrate on his good point - he does the cooking!

Alistair Pulling is still recuperating from turning 30. Both individually and together, he and his co-conspirator Bevis Musson have been slaving away on a number of new projects, including several new Oddcases stories, fans will be pleased to hear.

Henry Ram: Editor of a small-press, madcap humour magazine set in the Victorian era. It features prose, articles, comic strips and nonsense verse. I guess it's more or less a continuation of the same sort of warped rubbish that got me into trouble at school. At the time, I promised my betters that I would stop distributing my rag. But now here I am years later still doing it, only under a different title and with more pages. So apparently I haven't kept my promise to them. I like to dress in black. I live in a tall building, which is inconvenient for me, since I only like low buildings. When the noise from the surface world below gets to be too much, I think of sending down water balloons but have yet to actually act on this impulse. I have ambitions of one day owning a cat-- preferably one that greets me with affection when I come home at night rather than the snooty, indifferent kind that authoritatively meows out orders for milk as soon as you're in the door.

Graeme Reid is a freelance illustrator. His comics work includes strips for Meanwhile,Negative Burn and Zarjaz. See for examples of his work.

John Robbins/Sean MacRoibin: Having illustrated a bundle of MacRoibin writings discovered after the author's suicide (details at, pen-pal Robbins published in leaflet form as Leaflit - adding to the mix an accumulation of earlier collaborations from the yellowing, late-eighties pages of Fantasy Advertiser and others. More recently published in CAOF, Albedo One and Topaz, Robbins has worked as lowly letterer (most notably for Dark Horse and Caliber) and is occasionally to be found in muscular, euphemism-free review of small press productions at Curiously, in a break from protocol, he finishes this 'bio' with no mention of a penchant for illeism.

Karen Rubins is the artist half of the "Dark Sisters", the creative duo behind the widely-acclaimed independent mini-series DARK. Her solo work is currently featured in the independent manga anthology Snapshots, and she is working on various comics projects, both solo and with other writers. To look at more of her work past and present go to also has a website - with updates about this series and the creators' other projects.

Jenni Scott should do comics, but mostly doesn't, finding it much easier to read comics of all sorts, particularly seventies girls' comics from the UK. Hanging around comic doers is also cool, easy and fun.

Emma Segar has lived in London and Liverpool and spent many years travelling The Great Gromboolian Plain, where she learnt the ancient art of shi-ismi, or writing about oneself in the third person. She lives with a multitude of strange and wondrous creatures including a platoon of Glam Rock Space Marines, a procession of Wild Things and a man named Paul. In between holding down three jobs and writing the odd comic, she is taking an MA in Science Fiction Studies (this is actually true). She owns many hats, many ocarinas, many rejection letters and a bustle signed by Terry Pratchett.

32-year old Justine Shaw spends most of her time writing computer code for websites, and fixing computers. In the area of comics she has illustrated or inked several short stories, and created her own online comic strip at, which she plans to finish before Mister Dead jumps her. She lives near San Francisco, California, with several perpetually ill house-plants.

Jonathan Shewry's four colour roots are still buried deep in Pembrokeshire, though he has been living in London for five years. He is daily engaged in a battle with computer game addiction that, along with his wage slave status, scuppers the overwhelming majority of his story ideas! If you would like to help save him from his vices, you can contact him at:

Richard Sly was born at an early age in the West Country. Sly has been hooked on all things cartoon and comicky since receiving a signed Rolf Harris cartoon at the tender age of 6 - something which still has pride of place on his ever-so-cluttered mantelpiece. This love of comic books was intensified whilst in his early twenties, living in America and dressing up in all-in-one spandex costumes at the weekends. Sly's single panel gag cartoons can be seen in various publications, and two of his cartoon strips - Adam and A Snail's Pace - can be found every month in numerous community magazines, both in the UK and overseas.

Charley Spencer has enjoyed this brief interlude drawing normal humans and their kitchens, and is now going back to what he does best: namely, spending rather too much time trying to crowbar giant cyborg hamsters of doom into stories that don't strictly need them. More scribblings sporadically appear at

John Stokes is very much a British institution. His art has graced the pages of most publishers over the years, and he remains very much in demand to this day. His work on Marvel's UK only Black Knight serial, guest-starring Captain Britain is still talked of in hushed tones, despite it never having been released in collected form.

Samantha Pia Sulkin was born in London roughly twenty-three and a half years ago. About nineteen years later she discovered that some places didn't have rivers running through them, but instead sit next to a much bigger expanse of water known as "the sea". She moved to one of these places, and stayed there until a university told her she could put some letters after her name. She then moved back to foggy London town, clutching her shiny letters, but a year later she realised that she missed the smell of salt and seaweed, and moved back to the coast. In the intervening years she discovered computers, and learned how to use them to make pretty pictures that move. Some of her work can be viewed at, when she gets around to updating it. She also discovered she could draw a bit, and even write reasonably well, and decided that it was about time that she tried to write a comic - how difficult could it really be?

Des Taylor's Gestation Matrix crash-landed in Tottenham, North London. Equipped with a HND in Graphic Design and Imagemaking from West Herts College, Watford, roads opened up to him after a stint drawing for Michael Jackson's Fan Club Magazine. Clients have included Pizza Hut, Quiet Storm, Ladbrokes,First Leisure Nightclubs, Whitbread Pubs, Ann Summers, EMAP Magazines, Warner Cinemas and various trendy bars, shops and companies across the country and Planet Earth. Currently finishing off three comic books: Mimi and the Cozmik Girl, Hoodrat and Apprentice, he keeps himself occupied collecting Batman memorabilia, watching Brasil football videos and keeping track of Anakin Skywalker's journey to the Dark Side of the Force in Star Wars. An avid Spurs fan, he naturally hates Arsenal with a passion.

Bart A. Thompson is the founder of Approbation Comics. A writer on the rise, he is creator of ChiSai, Vampires Unlimited, The Metamutoids, Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs Zombies, and co-creator of the upcoming Arcana Studios series, Blood, Shells and Roses. Another credit includes being scripter of the first two issues of Lethal Instinct from Alias Enterprises, and is scheduled to be writer of the second miniseries. Two more ChiSai stories (Conception and Duality) are scheduled for release later in the year from Approbation Comics.

S. Michelle Thompson is new to comics, but not new to writing. "Chelle" started with poetry, but is trying her hand at writing comics, with her first attempt being the plot of the Chaos Campus mini story Gothis Makeover. She plans to continue as a comic book writer, with her creator-owned Animalia: The Adventures of MiKayla (working title) coming mid 2006 from Approbation Comics.

Ed Traquino adores British independent comics (he can't bring himself to call it small press, it's a Macho thing). His work can be found in numerous titles. Check out for his folio and details. EVIL EYES was released in May 2005. This excites him a lot, possibly too much.

Terry Wiley needs little introduction being co-creator of Sleaze Castle and the award winning Petra Etcetera. He is the creator of the wonderfully strange Surreal School Stories, and has produced a brand new episode exclusively forThe Girly Comic.

Barry Williams lives in the North East of England, where he juggles a dull day job, Rasputin impressionism and a serious DVD habit. He has been writing for half his life now, which is a depressingly long time. He has had short stories published in several collections, and is currently working on some new projects for TV broadcast.

Debra-Lyn Williams lives in darkest Lancashire. She likes cats and cooking with wine and sometimes she even puts it in the food. She worked with war veterans and their families in a previous life and 'War Wounds' was inspired by their experiences. She spends a lot of time avoiding her boyfriends' twisted obsession with getting her to run role-playing games.

Paul Calvin Wilson is the editor of Lighthouse Media One, which publishes Lighthouse and Nocturne. He writes, and edits.

Dave Windett is a full time professional comic book artist. He is perhaps best known for his work with animated characters from Fox and Warner Bros. and his art on Korky the Cat in The Dandy.

Darren Worrow is primarily a cartoonist and publishes the downright rude comic Toonedelic Times and its spin off, Rat Arsed and Shit Faced. This is his first project as writer for another artist and intends to continue with more scripts. For any information regarding Toonedelic publications please email

Pete Zappia aka Zappia del TORO. Half French, Half Italian, Peter Zappia is a Short Filmmaker from Watford. Currently working on several projects for Cozmik Cartoons, and Foggy Goggle bar in Boston. Pete shows his wit with his first comic sketch previewed for the Girly Comic, THE DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. Like every Italian he loves his coffee and finds nothing more warming than having a pop at the national team now and then. Having one of his films shown at the Curzon in London, Pete is looking to follow that up with some more shorts early next year, whilst finishing the Diamond In The Rough graphic novel.