‘Do Something’ – charity zine

Cover by Jay Eales

Cover by Jay Eales

Ten days ago Jay and I were feeling powerless and angry about the current state of the UK, especially the reported rise in hate crime. So we decided to do something we know how to do – make a zine.

Do Something – a charity zine to raise money for ‘Hope not hate‘ was born.

Many thanks to all our contributors for such a quick and supportive response. Many thanks also to Jay, as he enables me when I have mad ideas and then does all the production work!!

Do Something

Contributions from:

  • Cover by Jay Eales
  • Introduction by Jay Eales & Selina Lock
  • Illustration by Dave Windett
  • The Cleansing by Mike Carey (short story)
  • #DrawTogether #Pinclusive illustration by Emma Reynolds
  • Pin Money by Penny Jones (short story)
  • Spread Jam illustration by Patrick Scattergood
  • Beyond Each Blue Horizon by Andrew Hook (short story)
  • The Man Who ran Through the Tunnel by Ambrose Musiyiwa (poem)
  • But One Country by Rod Duncan (poem)
  • Song of Defiance (for William Blake) by K. A. Laity (poem)
  • Cartoons & Comic Strips by P. B. Rainey
  • Five Years (Lyrics by Alan Bennett) by Paul Magrs (song lyrics/poem)
  • I Saw Life Jackets on the Beach by Emma Lee (poem)
  • Smiling in the Slaughterhouse by Cynthia Rodriguez (poem)
  • Walls (after Bobba Bennett) by Cynthia Rodriguez (poem)
  • Anti-homophobia quote from Nottingham LGBT Switchboard (non-fiction)
  • Extracts & Photos from the Leicester Hate Crime Project – compiled by Selina Lock (non-fiction)
  • Illustration & Comic Strips by Vicky Stonebridge
  • Rose-Tinted Spectacles by Jay Eales & Peet Clack (comic strip)
  • Hope Remains by Mike Jennings (non-fiction)
  • Migrant/Bird Illustration by BlueLou
  • Lurid Sky by Jen Walklate (short story)
  • Weyland Street by Will Ellwood (short story)
  • Internationalist Manifesto by Simon Bennett (non-fiction)
  • Project Indigo – Daughters of War by Alasdair Stuart
  • The Gospel on How Not to Build a Tolerant Society compiled by Ambrose Musiyiwa (poem)
  • To Leicester Where We Belong by Farhana Shaikh (poem)
  • What’s In a Name? by Penny Jones (poem)

We will have 25 photocopied versions of the zine for sale at Small Press Day at Forbidden Planet Leicester, 2-5.30pm, Saturday 9th July.

Over the next few weeks we will also look at making the printed version and a PDF version more widely available for sale. Watch this blog for updates…

A cartoonists reaction to 7/7

The anniversary of the London bombings on 7th July 2005 reminded me that Lee Kennedy created a diary comic about her reaction to the bombings which we ran in The Girly Comic. I think Lee’s strip encapsulates the feelings of helplessness and the need to escape the news that many of us often feel (see below).

I can’t imagine how those directly affected by the bombings are feeling and our thoughts and wishes go out to them.









Jay predicts the future


Jay predicts the FUTURE!

A panel by Terry Wiley from the 2009 Mid-Winter Comic  Retreat (MCR)  – Project  GoggleBox.

Jay wrote a storyline in the comic that allowed MCR attendees to reach into an old TV and retrieve items – here he decides to bring back all the missing Doctor Who episodes starring Patrick Troughton.

In 2013 the Troughton stories Web of Fear and Enemy of the World were found.

Coincidence? …. You decide….