Did Iris forget her biscuit & end up in the kitchen sink?

Jay has been busy writing short stories and has several being published in new anthologies:

The Perennial Miss Wildthyme

perennial_irisDeath of the Author, by Jay Eales

Right vs Left vs Wrong, by Paul Vayro

Wildthyme and The Wolf, by Graham Tedesco-Blair

Dolores Smith and the Birthday Bear, by Kara Dennison

The Girl Who Went Up In Smoke, by Greg Maughan

Onesies, by Steve Palace

The Opera of Samhain, by Donald McCarthy

A Grove Invisible, by Juliet Kemp

Michael Drake, by Dale Smith

The Midnight Empire, by Julio Angel Ortiz

Doppler Shift, by Ian Potter

Closure, by Paul Castle

Cover Artist: Paul Hanley

Available to pre-order from Obverse Books.

You Left Your Biscuit Behind


Photo courtesy of ‘Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums’

Elf Prefix by Graham Wynd

Between Love and Hat by Jay Eales

Black Glass by James Bennett

No Mercy by Kate Hollamby

That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles by Penny Jones

Feeding the Fish by Carol Borden

Mermaids in Cape Town by Mame Diene

Patron by E.J. Davies

The Price of a Biscuit by Kate Coe

The Princess, The Pekingese and the Ivory Box by R.A. Kennedy

Cover art will be by Michaela Margett

Available in 2016 from Fox Spirit Books.

Kitchen Sink Gothic

kitchensinkgothicDaddy Giggles by Stephen Bacon

1964 by Franklin Marsh

Derek Edge and the Sunspots by Andrew Darlington

Black Sheep by Gary Fry

Jamal Comes Home by Benedict J. Jones

Waiting by Kate Farrell

Lilly Finds a Place to Stay by Charles Black

The Mutant’s Cry by David A. Sutton

The Sanitation Solution by Walter Gascoigne

Up and Out of Here by Mark Patrick Lynch

Late Shift by Adrian Cole

The Great Estate by Shaun Avery

Nine Tenths by Jay Eales

Envelopes by Craig Herbertson

Tunnel Vision by Tim Major

Life is Prescious by M. J. Wesolowski

Canvey Island Baby by David Turnbull

Cover Artwork by Joe Young

Out now! Available through Amazon.


Pimping our prose stories

I was rather busy in 2014 promoting ‘To End All Wars‘, so I forgot to give our prose stories the shameless self-promotion they deserve…

My most recent short story appeared in ‘Iris Wildthyme of Mars

Iris Wildthyme of MarsThe Red Planet.

Everyone agrees about the colour, at least. The rest is up for grabs.

Is Mars a dead and sterile desert, or teeming with life?

Are Martians red, green or blue? Nubile and lithe, or monstrously tentacular?

These Marses are of course incompatible, contradictory, and in many cases quite impossible. And Iris Wildthyme has visited them all.

My story Death on the Euphrates sees Iris and her companion Panda splashing down into a canal of Mars and becoming embroiled in several mysteries.

The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3

While Jay wrote The Revenant for The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3.

Twelve stories of supermen, cops, Mysterymen, samurai and private eyes from the likes of Kim Newman, Rod Rees, Tony Richards and more … thrilling tales of pure Pulp Adventure.


Jay’s previous prose publications:

Burning With Optimism's FlamesMightier than the Sword, Faction Paradox: A Romance in Twelve Parts, Obverse Books, 2011

Imaginary Kingdom, Alt-Zombie, Hersham Horror, 2012

Nine TenthsTerror Scribes, Doghorn Publishing, 2012

Faction Paradox: Burning With Optimism’s Flames, Editor, Obverse Books, August 2012

The Five Faces of FearBorn Among Briars, More Tales of the City, Obverse Books, 2013

The Five Faces of Fear (The Periodic Adventures of Señor 105 #8), Manleigh Books, November 2013

Zeitgeist, Terror Tales Volume 2, #1, Rainfall Books, June 2014

Selina’s previous prose publications:

Green Eyed and GrimThe Periodic Adventure of Seňor 105: Green Eyed and Grim (Novella), Manleigh Books (2013)

The Great and PowerfulThe Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders, Alchemy Press (2012)

Light Fingers, Terror Scribes, Doghorn Publishing (2012)

Ancient Wonders 002Lone and Level Sands, Alt-Zombie, Hersham Horror (2012)

LICAF Highlights

Last weekend we were at The Lakes International Comics Art Festival in Kendal.

Love the extra little touches at @comicartfest #licaf like these mirror stickers.

Our highlights were:

  • Staying with our friend Julie in her lovely cottage and seeing this view at breakfast:

The misty Lake District...

  • The Scott McCloud talk on Friday evening which was inspirational and entertaining.
  • Being on the ‘To End All Wars – Art of Editing” panel and taking part in the TEAW signing afterwards. Sorry I didn’t get to speak to some of other contributors properly! (Selina)
TEAW talk Lakes

Jonathan Clode, Stuart Richards, Selina Lock (I’m looking a tad serious there!) & John ‘Brick’ Stuart Clark at the TEAW – Art of Editing Panel. Photo courtesy of Alex Fitch


  • Catching up with lots of friends and helping out on the Borderline Press table.
  • Meeting with folks from Lancaster University who are doing a research project looking at comics as a means of research communication.
  • The Audrey Niffenegger talk – which started with the most surreal moment of the weekend – being introduced to Eddie Campbell & Audrey before the talk by Sarah McIntyre, so that Eddie could identify comic panels on my comic strip skirt!
  • Being interviewed by Alex Fitch for a forthcoming podcast on our involvement with Obverse Books – Jay editing and writing for their Faction Paradox line, me writing for Iris Wildthyme and us both writing for the Senor 105 pulp novella line.
  • Becky Cloonan talk.
  • Felt Mistress workshop (Selina) and making a felt creature (not quite finished yet):

Beardy felt creature which I made in @feltmistress workshop at #licaf Hope to finish making it later in the week.

  • Nick Abadzis & Rian Hughes talks (Jay).
  • Buying far too many comics and graphic novels….
  • Including new Strangehaven by Gary Spencer Millidge in Meanwhile…
  • Just some of the swag…

LICAF swag 1

LICAF swag 2

LICAF swag 9


Upcoming events: The Lakes, Thought Bubble & Signing

Jay and I will be heading up to The Lakes International Comics Art Festival next weekend (Friday 17th – Sunday 19th Oct), with a boot full of Borderline Press books to drop off at the Comics Clocktower.


Including the new Verity Fair collection by Terry Wiley, which we’re very excited to see as Verity first saw publication in the pages of The Girly Comic.

 To End All Wars

 On Sat 18th at 10.30am I’ll be appearing on the To End all Wars – The Art of Editing panel, as one of the ‘ brow-beaten’ contributors. This will be followed by a mass signing featuring the attending TEAW contributors. Come along and say Hi!

Also looking forward to attending lots of the other events at The Lakes.

We’ll be heading up to Thought Bubble in November.

Looking forward to seeing the glory of three halls of stalls and catching up with lots of friends.

Very excited to have been asked to do a local book signing for ‘To End All Wars’ at the University of Leicester bookshop on Tues Dec 2nd. More details when confirmed.

What we’re up to at FantasyCon

It’s only a few days to FantasyCon starts on Friday (and our holiday from the day jobs begin). Here’s the places you’ll be guaranteed to see us at FCon:

Friday 5th Sept

5.00pm – WORKSHOP: Writing for Comics
From idea to sale, what do you have to do? (limited to 20 attendees on sign-up sheet at Registration)
Selina Lock, Jay Eales

Saturday 6th Sept

2.00pm – The Alchemy Press Book Launch
Kneeling in the Silver Light anthology edited by Dean Drinkel
The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2 anthology edited by Jan Edwards & Jenny Barber
The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3 anthology edited by Mike Chinn
Nick Nightmare Investigates limited edition collection by Adrian Cole
Merry-Go-Round limited edition collection by Bryn Fortey

The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3Jay has a story in The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3 called The Revenant.

 Inspired by equal parts Lamont (The Shadow) Cranston and Jim (The Spectre) Corrigan, “When the city cries out for justice, the Revenant responds.”

7.00pm – Comics on the Small Screen
Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, the Flash, Daredevil, Peggy Carter – is TV the new cinema for superior superhero drama?
Maura McHugh (m), Selina Lock, Guy Adams, Mike Chinn, Den Patrick

We’re also looking forward to going to some of the other items on the schedule, catching up with friends and meeting new people. We’re always happy to chat, so grab us to say ‘Hi!’ if you’ll be there.

“To End All Wars” Nottingham Book Launch

One Wednesday 30th July To End All Wars got its first official launch courtesy of the Five Leaves Bookshop and the Nottingham Writers’ studio.

Before the launch the contributors in attendance went on a fun little photo shoot with photographer John Birdsall.

TEAW Notts group1

The sensible group shot: Ian Douglas, Pippa Hennessy, Jenny Linn-Cole, John ‘Brick’ Stuart Clark, Kate Houghton, Selina Lock. Photo © John Birdsall Photography


TEAW Notts group2

The 70s music album shot: Kate Houghton, Jenny Linn-Cole, Pippa Hennessy, Selina Lock, Ian Douglas, John ‘Brick’ Stuart Clark. Photo © John Birdsall Photography


Then we all headed into the spacious basement of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio where people were starting to congregate for refreshments and to browse the Five Leaves bookstall. I got my first glimpse of the physical copies of To End All Wars, which look great. High quality, chunky hardback with black-edged paper. Soaring Penguin have done us proud.

Once the 72 attendees were seated we launched into the official talk part of the evening.

Ross from Five Leaves started off the proceedings with a quick introduction and the unusual request to stay put if the fire alarm went off! (There were problems with it and someone would inform us toot sweet if there really was a fire…).

Then John gave a little background to the project. How it was devised by Jonathan Clode, who asked John to contribute and then talked him into co-editing. They put in a tremendous amount of work into editing and producing the book, including guiding the work of 53 creators from many countries.

Pippa Hennessy talking about her story 'Truth Be Told', which looks at censorship in WW1. She decided to make her central character a reporter who travels to the front without permission, as many reporters did, and risked being shot as a deserter or spy.

Pippa Hennessy talking about her story ‘Truth Be Told’, which looks at censorship in WW1. She decided to make her central character a reporter who travels to the front without permission, as many reporters did, and risked being shot as a deserter or spy.


I talked about my strip 'Go Home And Sit Still', which is based on the work of the Scottish Women's Hospitals. Here I'm talking about founder of the SWH Dr Elsie Inglis.

I talked about my strip ‘Go Home And Sit Still’, which is based on the work of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals. Here I’m talking about founder of the SWH Dr Elsie Inglis.


Here I’m talking about trying to decide which moments from the experiences of the SWH Russian Unit I should include in the story. In the background you can see some of the fantastic artwork from the strip by Arthur Goodman. I apparently can’t present without waving my hands around!

Ian Douglas talked about the U-Boat Captains that inspired his story 'Dead In The Water' about Kapitänleutnant Otto Weddigen.

Ian Douglas talked about the U-Boat Captains that inspired his story ‘Dead In The Water’ about Kapitänleutnant Otto Weddigen.


John finished off by talking about the strips he wrote/illustrated and the artwork provided by Jenny Linn-Cole and Kate Houghton (who were too shy to get up on stage).

Sales of the book were brisk and some of the attendees asked us to scribble on their copies. Our talks and the book seemed to go down very well and I enjoyed chatting to various people at the launch. My skirt also got lots of compliments and an introduction of it’s own from Brick!

Thanks to John, Ross, Pippa and Pippa’s son (for tech support) for organising the launch, and to all those that attended, for a lovely evening.

You can treat yourself to a copy of To End All Wars via Soaring Penguin Press, your local book/comic shop or Amazon. Especially as £2 from every copy sold goes to Médecins Sans Frontières.

You can also buy a copy directly from Soaring Penguin Press this Saturday 2nd August at the Birmingham International Comics Expo (ICE).


Jay and I will be popping into ICE for a few hours. We will also be at the London To End All Wars launch at Gosh! on the 20th August and at The Lakes International Comics Festival on 17th-19th October.

I will be joining Jonathan Clode and Brick on the To End All Wars – Art of Editing panel at The Lakes.

I’m very excited and proud to be part of To End All Wars, which would not have been possible without Arthur Goodman, who stepped into the artist breach at the last-minute. Thank you Arthur.

“To End All Wars” Release & Launch

I’m very excited that this WWI graphic anthology is on its way from the printers to Soaring Penguin Press and will be arriving through letter boxes and in shops soon.

That’s partly because it looks like an interesting collection covering lots of lesser known aspects of WWI and £2 from the sale of each book will go to help the charity Médecins Sans Frontières. But mainly it’s because I wrote a fifteen page strip for it, called Go Home and Sit Still, which has been illustrated by Arthur Goodman.

Dr Elsie Inglis inspects the hospital staff.

Dr Elsie Inglis inspects the hospital staff.

Our strip looks at the experiences of the women of the Scottish Women’s Hospital that went out to support Serbian troops in Russia in 1916/7.

The inclement Russian climate takes it's toll on the roads the the hospital transport.

The inclement Russian climate takes it’s toll on the roads & the hospital transport.


I’ll also be at both launch events and the signing at The Lakes Comic Arts Festival.

Midlands dwellers can join us at the Five Leaves Bookshop launch on Wed 30th July at 7pm. Please RSVP, as the venue will depend on attendance.

Nottingham Launch

Nottingham Launch

For those of you in the Big Smoke there is a launch at Gosh! Comics on August 20th.

London Launch

London Launch


Lots of links:

Buy To End All Wars from Soaring Penguin Press (£13.99 pre-publication special), from Amazon and from all good comic/book shops.

Acclaimed comics artists publish powerful anthology of stories to combat Michael Gove’s ‘jingoistic’ interpretation of WW1, The Independent

Director’s Commentary: guiding an anthology to completion with To End All Wars, Forbidden Planet Blog

War stories: The making of new WW1 anthology, BBC Scotland


Other Titles, Past, Present and Future

  • Terror Tales 2

Here’s a gallery of titles that we have contributed to.

Terror Tales, Volume 3 Number 2 – Spring 2014


Containing the first publication of one of my earliest stories: Zeitgeist. Something of a period piece now, Zeitgeist focuses on the historic day in tiny market town Allerdale where they received their very first cash machine… and the workmen disturb more than just the town luddites in the process. Featuring Uncle Henry, the Fast Food Exorcist.

“I were talking to me mam about… y’know… the Ess Pee Oh Oh Kay. And she reckoned as how we should have a word with me Uncle Henry. Him as runs the Chippy? Apparently, he’s the seventh son of a seventh son, or summat. Does a bit of exorcising on the side, like. So I asked him to come over.” She finished her little speech with a flourish, “He said he’ll be in later, when he’s had a chance to get the taters in.”

The full line-up is:

Terror Tales Spring 2014, Vol. 3 No. 2, Issue 10 (RAIN130)

Edited by John B Ford & Steve Lines

Walpurgis Homecoming by Franklyn Searight

Zeitgeist by Jay Eales

The Lost Guitar of Jordan Wells by Sue Phillips

The Change Will Do You Good by Mark Walker

The Manor of Madness by Lee Clark Zumpe

What Dark World by Glynn Barrass

Available from Rainfall Records & Books for £4.50 including P&P.